$config["hideLable"] = true; // Set "hideLable" to "true" in config.php to hide all labels in all forms  
                            $config["loadJsPlugins"] = array("chosen"); // Load plugins initially (list of plugins available) in config.php
                            $config["formtype"] = "singlestep"; // By default single step form in config.php
                            $config["displayErrors"] = true; // Display errors directly in config.php
                            $config["submissionType"] = "ajax"; // Submit whether using ajax or using simple post in config.php
                            $config["jsvalidation"] = "bootstrap_validator"; // Enable js validation in config.php
                            $config["phpvalidation"] = true; // Enable php validation in config.php
                            $config["loadJs"] = array("jquery.min.js","jquery-ui.min.js"); // Load js initially (this js needs to be present in script/js fodler)                    
                            $config["loadCss"] = array("style.css","jquery-ui.css"); // Load css initially (this css needs to be present in script/css fodler)